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Pumps UK did not lose thier heads at the Tower of London


We were contacted by the facilities department at the Tower of London as the existing heating pressurisation unit had failed. We carried out a full onsite survey and concluded that the unit was not worth repairing and due to importance of the plant we recommended that it should be replaced for new.

We decided that with the available space we could convert the current system which was a pressurisation by pump (spill unit) to a pressurisation by expansion, which is much more maintenance friendly.

Tower of London

We attended site and removed the old unit and vessels and installed a temporary bypass with a high and low fault signal while the unit was out of service. This alerted the on-site maintenance team if the system required topping up or venting.
With the temporary bypass installed and precision work from our fully qualified engineers there was very little distribution to this very iconic and historic building.

Tower of London Pumps

We installed a PUK Autopress 2LC unit and three Lowara 1000 ltr expansion vessels. We did have to carry out some minor pipework alterations to ensure the new unit is more accessible for future maintenance work.

We fully commissioned the new unit and left it in service. Our install team even had time for a quick selfie !!!

PUK Autopress London

If you have a heating / chilled system with a faulty pressurisation unit and you're interested in a replacement or repair, please contact our sales or service team on 01322 292415 or email


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