Double Whammy

It has been a busy month for Pumps UK Ltd. We were contacted by one of our clients as they needed to replace 2 sets of cold water booster pumps. Both sets had gone beyond repair and a life cycle upgrade was in desperate need.

The first set of pumps to be replaced was the softened water booster set. We carried out a Selection and the PUK -VARI COM 2 MD was perfect for the application. We carried out the installation on a weekend to reduce the disruption to the tenants of the building. We built the set to suit the inlet and outlet pipework on site, this helped to make installation time more efficient. Once installed we fully commissioned and left in service

The second set of pumps to be replaced was the main cold water booster set. This was slightly more bespoke, we built the new set so the panel suited the existing pyro mains cable, this is so we did not cause damage to the mineral insulation that protected the copper cable.

We installed a PUK-VARI COM 3 XL, we had to build the set in position due to the size of the new pumps. Once installed we carefully connected the supply cable and carried out the necessary pipework modification to suit the new inlet and outlets. The new set required some new pipework modification, we removed the existing pressure reducing valve as it was no longer required and installed a new local isolation valve on the discharge. We set the new controllers to maintain the same pressures to what the previous pressure reducing valve was set at.

Finished Installation

Both sets were left in good working condition and the customer was extremely please with the end result and has taken out a service contract on both sets to keep them all in good working health.

The guys even finished with a famous Pumps UK Ltd selfie. Well done team for another successful installation project!