Main Heating Pump Installation – Royal Arsenal

Pumps UK were contacted by a company that specialise in energy saving recently, and we were asked to carry out a life cycle survey on all the heating pumps for a building at Royal Arsenal.

Pumps UK Armstrong

They currently had four twin head circulators that were all providing heating services for four separate blocks of apartments. The existing pumps had been over sized and were running at 100% of their capacity. We carried out a flow test on each pump set and found that we could reduce the size of pumps and achieve the same flow rates required for the system.

Armstrong Replacement

We decided to install Lowara e-LNTH pumps with 5th Generation Hydrovar variable speed inverters. We removed all four pumps and installed the replacements in the same position. The new pumps were smaller, so we had to modify the pipework using Xpress carbon steel fittings.

Lowara E-LNTH Circulator

We set-up all the parameters of the inverters to the optimum differential pressure of the system, and this means that the new pumps now run at a lower frequency and are much more energy efficient. The pumps had IE3 motors installed which greatly reduces the noise levels when running.

Pumps UK Lowara Install

All four pumps were installed over two weeks with only two days of shut down time on the heating system. We planned the work so the customers clients were informed well in advance and everyone was kept happy during the project.

Pumps UK Lowara LNTH

Once completed we issued a completion pack that included all the commissioning documents of the new pumps, plus the O & M manuals. We also supplied blanking plates for the new pumps for any future maintenance. 

Lowara Pumps UK e-LNTH

Check out the below video of part of the installation!


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